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Amazon’s Uprising During the Pandemic



Amazon’s sales are skyrocketing due to the global pandemic COVID-19. Amazon has recently become the most successful business; the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has become one of the top three richest people on earth as well. 


Thanks to the pandemic, Bezos and Amazon have seen a drastic rise in sales and success of the world's biggest business. 

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COVID 19: The Death of Small Businesses? 



In March 2020, prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, small businesses were thriving and consumers were able to go anywhere to shop. The economy was doing great and worldwide consumption was at its peak. 


A year later, after all the Covid lockdowns, it has become increasingly more difficult for people to run to the store and do daily shopping. This has led to a worldwide change in consumption. 

Office Furniture

A Transformed Workplace: Will the Office Ever be the Same?


A decade ago, working from home effectively was unthinkable and there was seldom reason for it. Technology was not advanced enough; if coworkers needed to communicate, they would have to meet in person, call, or email. 


Now, everyone knows someone who works from home, and it is likely that they experienced it themselves. It would be difficult to find someone under the age of 70 who has never heard of Zoom.

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Making the Change to Full Time Schooling



In Westchester, New York, and many neighboring areas, schools are going back full time. As Covid cases are going down, Governor Cuomo and the CDC Department of Health believe it is a safe option. The Mount Pleasant Central School District chooses to take part in this change. 


It is important to look at many different perspectives when noticing this change, as it will affect all people differently. 

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COVID Cases Continue to Fall as Vaccines are Distributed Across the U.S.



In 2021, COVID-19 has continued to plague the United States, causing several deaths every day. On a good note, the cases have dropped tremendously due to the vigorous effort to find a vaccine, put forth by Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, and many more.

The reason for the rapid drop in cases: vaccines are undoubtedly being output at an exponential rate. Scientists across the world continue to research new strands and vaccinations to provide the easiest recovery to the global pandemic.

Computer Software Guidance

 Online School Effects on Teachers


During the Covid-19 pandemic, schools had to find new ways to reopen their buildings; in order to do this, teachers had to begin teaching from their sofas. Teaching from home became a huge transition for faculty members. However, is working from home beginning to be overwhelming for teachers?


As teachers across the country have been switching to online learning, people have begun to question how it is truly impacting teachers and students. 

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Trending: Salon Suites on the Rise



The salon industry has introduced a new and efficient way to work. Professionals in the beauty industry are now recently opening their own businesses in salon suites. Salon suites are simply fully prepared rooms in which beauty professionals can own and manage their own businesses and clients. The main difference between a suite and a traditional salon is the ownership. 


How is Texas?


In the midst of a global pandemic, Texas governor Greg Abbott decided to reopen Texas fully, without masks. Now what does this mean for the state? How have they been coping with this change? How are their vaccine numbers and case numbers?

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Importance of Photography



Photography is a visual art form that creates images by recording light electronically through the means of the image sensor or through the means of a light-sensitive material, such as photographic film. Photography is important because it is a spark for change, tells a story, and is history through images.


Protests vs. Riots



In this article I plan to not only state my thoughts on riots vs protests, but explain what they mean legally and why it is important that when reporting news, we properly characterize each as what they are. 


By definition, a protest is ‘a statement or action expressing disapproval or objection to something’. What transpired during the months where BLM was expressed greatly in 2020 were largely protests. 


Regardless of whether or not they remained peaceful, they (the vast majority) were quite literally not riots until an act of violence itself was committed. People described breaking and destroying businesses as a protest, and people holding up a sign on the side of the road as a riot or incitement.

Distance Learning

In Person vs. Virtual Learning


The quick switch from in person learning every day to virtual learning was a difficult transition for everyone, but it was for everyone’s safety. When September came, students were excited to hear that they would be returning to school on a hybrid model: two or three days in person a week, with alternating virtual days. Although this promised students and teachers alike the opportunity to have some normalcy in education, the question remains: is this model really sufficient? 

Virus Studies

COVID-19 Vaccine: Is it Safe?


With the virus still lurking, we are about to enter the one year mark of the Covid 19 pandemic. It has been a hard year for everyone, and lots has happened. Most people probably thought by now everything would be back to normal; unfortunately, that's not the case. Although there is promise in the future, everyone still questions when the world will begin to rotate normally.


After months and months of having little progression, there has finally been a discovery for the Covid 19 vaccine. Many are skeptical about this vaccine and wonder if it is really the answer to end this pandemic. 


COVID-19 Vaccine News


The world is on its way back to normalcy with the approved COVID-19 vaccines. Three companies have worked hard to get high effective rates for these vaccines. The companies that have their vaccine approved are Pfizer, Moderna and BioNTech. 


The government and the vaccine companies have and are continuing to distribute the vaccines to the states in the United States of America. All essential workers, which includes all hospital staff, are the first people to get vaccinated without being part of a trial.


The Endangerment of Sea Otters Burdened the Environment, Now They’re Back


During the 18th and 19th century, and even into the 20th century, sea otters were nearly hunted to extinction for their luxuriant pelts. Other threats to the species include entrapment or entanglement in fishing gear, oil spills, and climate change, dwindling populations on the coasts of California and Mexico. As a result, southern sea otters have been recognized as depleted under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, until now, as conservation efforts attempt to reintroduce them to their coastal homes, according to Carswell.

Google Meet vs. Screencastify


With the Coronavirus pandemic still among us, there have been many changes in the education system and the way in which we are educating the young people in our society, from kindergarten through college.


Obviously, there is the classic solution: Google Meet. The schools that are not fully back in person, which is many schools throughout America, have a hybrid system in place. This system employs the use of Google Classroom and Google Meets to educate and teach the curriculum when the students are not in school.

Rainbow and Waterfall

How to stay positive during quarantine


2020 has been a difficult year for many. Quarantine and the coronavirus are topics we are new to, and had to adjust to in a short amount of time. As a result, many people are dissuaded and upset due to the sudden change in lifestyle. In this article, I hope to recommend information/techniques I found helpful to remain positive during quarantine.

Crowd with Masks



As the country experiences another rise in cases and prepares for a potential shut down or lockdown again, many citizens start to question what impacts such an extensive lockdown could have on the population in both the short and long term. 

Black Lives Matter

June 16, 2020


On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was held down and arrested by a white cop for using a fake $20 bill. 

He was held down by a Minneapolis police officer’s knee and was choked to death. Without listening to his justification, the aggressive cop murdered Floyd maybe because of his skin color.

Essential Workers are the Backbone of the Country

June 16, 2020


It’s an extremely strange time for everyone in the nation, as the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps through the world. People have been asked to self-quarantine and to stay home as much as possible. 

However, there are some people still leaving their houses and braving being in the general public, all for the sake of helping others. 

New Free Time

June 16, 2020


In many households across the country and around the world, ovens and stoves are getting fired up now more than ever. The reason this is happening is simple: quarantine. 

Quarantine has made us realize that time is one of the most, if not the most, important things we are given, and now with all this free time on our hands, people are deciding to use their time to make new skills and enhance their previous ones.

Face-to-face school or digital learning?

June 16, 2020


Since the start of quarantine, schools all over the world have moved from face-to-face learning to at home online learning. The massive change of education has greatly affected many students, some for better and for worse. Every student works differently and students are finding ways that work best for them.

Coronavirus vs. The 2020 Election

June 01, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic is all that seems to be on the news lately.  When people turn on their TV or open up their phone, they are bombarded with new information coming out about the virus.  This can be very overwhelming for many people.  However, just a few months ago, all the news outlets were focused on the 2020 election and the Democratic primaries.  As the elections are talked about less due to the coronavirus, they are drastically impacted.

Combating Loneliness During Quarantine

June 01, 2020


Social isolation, loneliness and living alone exceed the risks of death associated with obesity, physical activity and air pollution, in fact, one study from Dr. Holt-Lunstad concluded that loneliness increases the risk of an earlier death by 26 percent. 


However, being alone and lonely can be classified as two completely different ideas. It’s possible to live alone, work alone, and travel alone while feeling totally at peace with yourself, but on the other hand, loneliness hits differently, says Healthline. 

Effects of COVID-19 on Frontline Workers

June 01, 2020


Lights and sirens flashing, multiple calls requesting ambulances and loss of members. With the country on lockdown, people on the frontlines risk their lives every minute to save others during the COVID-19  pandemic, and it is affecting first responders both physically and mentally.

The Importance of Mental Healthy During Quarantine

June 01, 2020


The Coronavirus is a heavily talked about topic in the media today. Every single day, no matter what platform you are on, the worldwide pandemic is being discussed. What many do not hear about in the media is the toll of the mental health that this virus is taking on the people working and in quarantine.

Increase in Limited Resources and Hoarding Due to the Coronavirus

June 01, 2020


Covid-19 has spread a worldwide panic causing people to hoard resources, and has left grocery stores shelves empty. Hoarding has been stressful for everyone, big families in particular. Larger families who require more necessities from stores are suffering because cleaning supplies and toilet paper are wiped from the selves. Many people are taking all they can get without thinking of others in these nerve racking times.

The Lawsuit: College Board vs. Students

June 01, 2020


Due to the coronavirus leaving everyone in quarantine, the College Board surveyed over 18,000 students to see if they wanted to have the same opportunity as years before taking the exam. College Board reports that a lot of students agreed on the fact they would like to continue taking the exams from home online, although circumstances this time around were obviously very different. 

Quarantine: Student Life Edition

June 01, 2020


“[I] like being able to do the homework on my time, and not being on a strict schedule,”, says residential student Edward (Eddie) Olszewski about his favorite part of these trying times.

No Cash Bail Dangers

June 01, 2020


A new law has been established and put in place as of 2020for New York State. The law eliminates cash bail for most misdemeanors and non-violent felony crimes. It was created to reduce the number of incarcerations in jail, however, this has sparked numerous debates and controversy over its effectiveness and reliability. 

Life Before COVID-19: Taking It for Granted

June 01, 2020


The invisible global enemy, Covid-19, has completely shifted the world and how it operates. The pandemic has taken thousands of lives and infected hundreds of thousands of people in the recent months. With that being said, many people across the globe are beginning to recognize the beauty of what life was like before the pandemic. The coronavirus allowed certain aspects of life, that were once taken for granted, to shine in a new light. 

Is No Cash Bail Hurting Society?

June 01, 2020


In the beginning of 2020, New York joined California and New Jersey by passing the no cash bail reform. While the reform does help the overpopulation of jails, no cash bail is doing more harm than good because it is jeopardizing the public’s safety.

Beyond the Surface, Monsters Crawl

June 01, 2020


May is mental health awareness month. Mental health is incredibly important and often overlooked, and this pandemic has taken a toll on everyone's mental health in some way or another. With everything up in the air right now, with everything that is going on in the world right now, we can’t be certain about much, however, one thing we can be certain about is the way we treat others.

Politicians Quick To Reevaluate New York’s Bail

June 01, 2020


All across the country, politicians have become open-minded to criminal justice reform by easing sentences and eliminating policies that discriminate against minorities. On January 1st, New York State enacted a law invoking a no cash bail policy, an idea rooted in fighting a system that unfairly targets minorities and the poor. The law is largely supported by the Democratic Party.

Athena: Goddess of War Against Amazon

March 02, 2020


Amazon, a popular company specializing in delivering products to consumers has begun to receive backlash two decades after starting up. In the New York Times article, “Activists Build a Grass-Roots Alliance Against Amazon,” by David Streitfield, a resistance group, called Athena, is beginning to form and take control of the media.

Youth Suicide: Why has this become such a problem?

March 02, 2020


In recent years, the world has unfortunately seen a large rise in the amount of children and teenagers who end their lives early by committing suicide. Suicide, now the second leading cause of death in young adults, has always been present - but never at this rate. 


It is very unfortunate to behold, for it is not just the age of the victim (children), but that we must understand the level of desperation they face to attempt (and succeed) to take their own life.

Westlake High School Puts on Chicago The Musical: High School Edition.

March 02, 2020


At the end of March, Westlake High School will be putting on a production of Chicago The Musical: High School Edition. The play consists of kids from all grades coming together to take part in this 1920's musical.


The director is the school's Chorus Teacher, Mrs. Melito, and the choreographer is town member, Gina Horan.

Westlake vs. Pleasantville Playoff Game

March 02, 2020


Westlake played an exciting game against Pleasantville at home on Monday, February 24, 2020. 


The game resulted in a win for Westlake that sends them to their next game at the County Center against Hastings.

Student and Teacher Thoughts on Westlake School Trip to Greece

March 02, 2020


Student and Teacher Thoughts on Westlake School Trip to Greece

The Steps to Taking Flight

March 02, 2020


No matter what happens, it is always possible to change. Whether that change is for better or worse is up to you. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy, no matter who they are or who they were. 


There are bad people in this world, but it does not mean that they don't deserve to be happy, everyone does. The world is full of bad people with beautiful hearts; beneath their actions and reputation is someone who is good. 

Virus Explosion

March 02, 2020


People are quickly being infected with COVID-19 in the Eastern hemisphere, while the death toll rises because of the Coronavirus within the last two months. The death toll is rising because this virus is very contagious and is spreading rapidly by human interaction.

Destructive Fires

March 02, 2020


In Australia, there have been massive and destructive fires that are harming many people and animals, as well as homes. Without putting out these fires, Australia is going to be in serious danger. 

The Conflicts in Iran and What They Mean for the US

March 02, 2020


On January 3, 2020, the head of Iran’s security machinery, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani was killed by an American drone strike near the Baghdad airport. Suleimani was the leader in Iran’s efforts to shape the axis of Shiite influence around the Middle East.

Musicians in the Media: How Artists are Changing Life As We Know It

December 19, 2019


Though they are commonly seen simply as sources of entertainment, today’s most popular musicians play a surprisingly large role in how society conducts itself. Artists today are constantly pushing at the boundaries of societal norms. 

Why should we vaccinate?

December 19, 2019


Vaccines play a very large and important role in today’s society. Yet, some people seem to be against them. This causes people to wonder, should we vaccinate our children?


The answer is yes, for a multitude of reasons. But first, let's discuss some of the incorrect reasons why people do not vaccinate their children. 

Impeachment: the Process, the History, and the Current Investigation

December 19, 2019


What does the process of impeachment entail?  What is currently happening with President Trump’s impeachment? Over the past few weeks, America has witnessed history being made as House Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have moved to impeach Trump, and have published two articles of impeachment.  But, here is a brief summary before we dive in.

Cell Phone Addiction

December 19, 2019


Over a billion results in half-a-second; contact with billions of people with the click of a button; and access to whatever one desires is all available within reach. 


Cell phones: what once began as a portable tool for communication has evolved into a technology much greater. However, coupled with the mobile devices’ benefits, is the shrewd psychological manipulation of the modern tech-world. It is important to analyze the detrimental aspects of the never-ending, rapid conduit of information that cell phones provide. 

Fences Movie Review

December 19, 2019


The movie adapted from its original play version, Fences (2016), is about protagonist Troy Maxson, who missed his chance at becoming a professional baseball player; it was too late by the time the major leagues allowed black athletes to play. Fences is a powerful story that focuses on Maxson’s family, Maxson’s inability to cope with his lost opportunity and how this ultimately impedes on his son’s life.  The movie is an adaptation of the acclaimed play, set in the 1950s, and highlights topics of family and racial barriers.


December 19, 2019


The Disney Plus app is another mainstream service app that has come into public view during the last few years. Disney Plus, unlike other streaming apps, is quite different because of what it offers. Disney Plus captures the heart of both young and old by features every Disney television show and movie for easy access and entertainment for the low price of $6.99 a month. 

Effects of Social Media

December 19, 2019


According to Charlotte Hilton Andersen, of Reader’s Digest, “Depression is like a war. You either win or die trying.” Many teens experience depression at a young age for many reasons. Unfortunately, as of late, social media has heightened the increase in teen depression. 


According to National Public Radio,  “A study published Thursday in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology finds the percentage of U.S. teens and young adults reporting mental distress, depression and suicidal thoughts and actions has risen significantly over the past decade.”

‘Ghost Forests’ on the Rise Due to Climate Change

January 01, 2020


“When the trees die out, the marsh is going to take over. We just don’t know how to slow it down” Matt Hurd, a regional forester with the Maryland Department of natural resources, says (Root). 

Joker: Bleak and Boring

October 30, 2019


Rated: R

Score: 1/5


Joker is the psychological thriller centered around the infamous Batman villain’s bleak origins. It begins with Arthur Fleck, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, as a freelance clown struggling in Gotham’s broken down society.

California Stands with Athletes

October 30, 2019


For many high school students, a universal goal for athletes is to go to an NCAA Division 1 college for an extensive assortment of sports. For years, this ambitious goal was merely for personal enjoyment or an ample opportunity to go to the major leagues. Currently, many sports agents and athletes have persistently advocated for college athletes to be compensated for their work. The rule against college compensation has caused many potential college stars’ careers to be sullied. 

Capital Punishment

October 30, 2019


The first set of laws ever written, the Code of Hammurabi, was based on the principle of "an eye for an eye." One would think that as civilization and society advanced and progressed, this simplistic idea would be put to rest, but this mindset still persists in the modern American justice system in the form of capital punishment.

Pete Buttigieg: Who Is He and What Is His Campaign About?

October 30, 2019


With twelve people running for the democratic nomination, many people have never heard the name “Pete Buttigieg” before.  As one of the many candidates, his name can get lost in the sea of online articles and information. However, he is becoming more prevalent in the media due to his status and his campaign. As of October 29, 2019, he is the 4th top polling democratic candidate.

Global Sea Levels Are Rising

October 30, 2019


Global sea levels are a central issue in today’s news as they have risen in the recent century, and scientists predict similar results in the future. NASA reports, “Global sea level rose about eight inches in the last century. The rate in the last two decades, however, is nearly double that of the last century and is accelerating slightly every year.”

The Benefits of Music While Studying and Working on Homework

January 01, 2020


Many teens listen to music while studying, and this raises a very important question: does listening to music while studying help teens or harm them? 


The answers to this question vary, as each individual person will experience different results when listening to music, but multiple sources and studies find the overall effects of music to be beneficial to teens. 

Forest Fires Ravage the Amazon